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Silk Painting
The Artist's Guide to Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques
by Susan Louise Moyer
CD-PDF edition
Master the secrets of an exquisite art form. Silk painting is rapidly gaining an enthusiastic following among surface designers and fine artists. The pure, transparent colors of the dyes, combined with the luxuriant drape of the silk itself, combine to make this a uniquely sensuous medium. This book shows exactly how to use each technique and how to combine them for intricate paintings.
Level: Novice/Intermediate
144 pages, electronic edition - $19.95
(shipping included)

Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art
by Susan Louise Moyer
revised CD-PDF edition

This book goes beyond the basics featuring over 30 renowned professional artists and 200 full color illustrations, special tips, demonstrations, information about materials, equipment and their sources.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
144 pages, electronic edition - $19.95
(shipping included)

BOTH BOOKS, CD electronic edition - $34.95

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